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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Going green

In Kuching, most of the outlets, departmental stores and supermarkets are going green on every Saturdays. People are been educated on less usage of plastic bags, bringing own eco-friendly shopping bag and exposure of campaigns on recycling.

It is still new for local businesses to practise "going green" as the idea is relatively new over here. However some companies do implementing green marketing ideas such as providing buses to pick and send their workers to work, encouraging car pooling and reducing the usage of electricity. Like my previous company, we have the practice of switching off computers and lights during an hour lunch break. Even when we have our take-away lunch, we are taught to bring own container to pack our food instead of asking for plastic or styrofoam packs.

I learn many great green marketing ideas from social entrepreneur blog. If you want to know more about ways of preserving the Mother's Nature and how to have a greener business, do join the social entrepreneur blog. You would be surprised how those ideas can save you money and help your business too.