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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

TIme with kids

I have been busy since early this year and seldom have time with the kids at home. With my Indonesian maid left us in January and my staff turnover episode, I am stucked in the shop most of the day. So it was a great relief and a break for me when I would be able to spend times at home especially with my two lovely kids.

Yesterday is one of those days. Big J helped close shop last night, so I took the opportunity to be lazy at home. Anyway I need a break too. Spending times with my Princess and Baby Jay, watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in the room. Chatted with Princess on her school and her upcoming birthday. Now my Baby Jay started to watch cartoons. Everytime the theme song was played, he will stand up and dance; just like Princess when she was small.

Princess' command of Mandarin is improving since last year. She speaks more Chinese to me now. As for Baby Jay, he is still having his baby talk but he can say "She mek?" (What?). He understand when we talk to him. He will hug, kiss and wave good bye when we ask him to. He is getting very lovey-dovey to us too. He understand more Chinese than English, so we believe that he will speak Chinese first.

You know what?? I think I only heard Baby Jay called me "mummy" once. Some of his first words are daddy, che cheh (sister), mum mum (eat) and nen nen (milk), but not mummy. *sob sob* Now his vocabulary is getting more, he can say "bye bye", ter (water).

I just realised my kids are growing fast. Baby Jay - 20 months old, Princess - going to be 5 in 2 weeks times! So I cherish the quality times I have with my kids. I miss them.

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