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Our lovely princess

Monday, July 25, 2011

Our weekend

As usual, our weekend would not be complete without car ride around the city. When it comes to "kai kai", my Baby Jay would be the first one to get ready wearing his shoes. Now he hardly could sit in his baby car seat as he does not sit still for seconds.

After a morning "kai kai" and mummy opened up her shop, the kids have their afternoon play and nap. The house is never quiet with the kids around; either from their fighting, screaming, Baby Jay and Princess's singing. And not forgetting the mess from their toys. Lol! Luckily Princess able to clean up the mess after she played because I harrassed her to do so, otherwise her toys will be thrown away. (Bad mummy)

Princess' taste of iPad. Princess and I have whole afternoon playing the Angry Bird. Now I am addicted to it. Lol!

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I'm a full-time mummy said...

Hi Rose!

Thanks for your feedback on my journey as a breastfeeding mom post! As long as you breastfeed, it's good enough, don't worry about it :)

Btw, I am still able to refrain myself from the Angry Bird phenomena. Hope I don't get affected hahahaa..