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Our lovely princess

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

They fight

Princess is 5 years old and Baby Jay is turning 2 next month! Both kids started to fight more nowadays and neither one want to give in easily. Both kids fight because of toys.

So I have to act as mediator most of the times, giving reasons to Princess since she is the eldest and Baby Jay is still young and cannot understand reason for now. But my Princess is getting naughtier now and can argue with me. Even the baby sitter is complaining that she talk back a lot and can throw tantrum around.

As for Baby Jay he is more cheeky. Even when everything is calm and normal, he will try every chance to hit his sister. And poor sister, cry and complain. Sigh!


Small Kucing said...

oooo....poor sister...

lvynana said...

They flight? my 2 boys play too much, I also pening kepala :)