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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Poo story

It may sound disgusting to some of you, so don't say I did not warn you first! It all started in the church this morning........

Suppose to be a quiet time in the church but suddenly Princess commented on stomach ache. Thought that her early morning consumption of 100 Plus was the culprit but after 30 minutes during the mass, I have to bring her to toilet to let her do her "business".

After the passing out, Princess still commented on stomachache, but nothing out during second visit to the toilet. Then Baby Jay started to get restless and cried. So I have to bring him out from the children room and let him have some fresh air outside the church. And me and Baby Jay were sweating on a warm Sunday morning!

And guess what? After we finished in the church, he started to poo in the car! Lol! New perfume in my car. So lucky that we did not used Big J's car this morning. And I have no choice but to change Baby Jay in my shop as the daddy cannot stand the smell in the car. Lol! Thought he finished his business, but instead he gave me more work! He poo in my shop! One last push from him and I get my fitting room dirty. Eeeewwww! What to do? Got to clean him up and also my fitting room.

So much in the morning.....

1 comment:

Small Kucing said...

aww...new erfume...never mind...go buy some durian ..sure will overcome the poo perfume LOL

Just joking ya