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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Brave girl

This incident happened end of June. Just remember that I should pen this incident down here. Why? Because I am proud of my 5 yo Princess.

My shop has a free makeover session for 2 days (a Friday and Saturday), which my Princess also have a free makeover too. You can check out her picture here.

I am not going to talk about her makeover here but an incident a night before. Princess was busy helping me with the stock arrangement in the shop, while we were clearing after a busy day in the shop. Suddenly we heard a "dup" sound and followed by Princess' cries. The next thing I knew was I rubbing her head and then blood stain on my hand and her dress. She cried even louder. By then I realised she knocked and cut her head on the tiles, and out of daze, I do not know what to do to my Princess.

Thank god that my parents who just left came back to fetch her to clinic. It was almost 9pm and almost all clinics closed. Luckily the clinic in Stutong which is about 5 minutes drive willing to attend to my Princess although it was passed its closing time.

My sister sms-ed me telling me my Princess did not cry in the car while on the way to clinic(by then the blood must have stop bleeding) and while doctor washed and attended her wound. The funny thing was both my parents and sister were dumb-founded when attendant asked for Princess' details like name, and birth date. They totally forgot them!! Some more I was not there as I cannot left the shop that night. So when asked about her name and birthdate, my Princess calmly told the attendant the details.

Luckily she only had a small cut on her head, and she did not have any concussion. She even put up a brave face on the next evening for the makeover session. So like her daddy said "die die also want to be pretty!" Lol!


Small Kucing said...

bravo to your hubby and yourself too for teaching her to memorize her details. It's helpful in this situations

lvynana said...

of coz die die also have to be pretty ho..besides she's a princess ma.