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Our lovely princess

Saturday, August 27, 2011

She dreaming of university

Blame of the influence of media. My Princess like me loves to listen to radio. She learns a lot from radio too; i.e. new songs and new words.

So just happen one day this week she suddenly told me from behind me in the car that some day she wants to study e-business diploma! Huh? Oh, one of those universities/colleges advertisement that caught her attention. And I asked her back what she knew about e-business diploma, she said she did not know anything just that she thinks she need to study to work like me! Hmm, when I asked her what she wants to be when she bigger, and like any children, she wants to be a teacher.

So I calmly told her that to be a teacher, you would not need e-business diploma which is not relevant. After been quietly for few seconds, Princess replied me that she does not want to be teacher but been my shop helper. So she can study e-business diploma and help me at the shop. Lol! At least she did not say she is studying degree. Gosh! It is still a long way to go before she is going to college.


Small Kucing said...

well...she sure got ambition :) Good for her

Jas said...

not bad eh~ mean she have the business mind~ haha... u dont have to worry her future dy~ hehe

pearly said...

so ambition such a young age smart girl welldone xxxxx