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Monday, August 22, 2011


Few months ago, Baby Jay spoiled our Blackberry charger, and we have to get a new charger to replace the spoiled one. And then it was Big J's Tag Heuer glasses rim. Do not asked me how he did it, but he really did it.

Every time his daddy charged his Blackberry phone, he will go and unpluck from the charger. Then he smartly passed back to daddy. Baby Jay knew the phone belong to daddy but after many times of plucking, the charger head was damaged.

The Blackberry charger does not cost a lot, but the Tag Heuer replacement costs RM350. And big hole in Big J's pocket but he is his precious so just after a few scolding and ranting, he forgave him. Anyway, it was Big J's fault for not keeping his glasses properly. So kid been kid. He played with it and break!

So now we have to remind ourselves to keep everything out of Baby Jay's reach but he grows taller and everything seems reachable to him! Lol!

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