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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Wish for good health

Baby Jay was down with fever on Sunday night. I did not slept well as he was not sleeping well; kept rolling and crying almost the whole night. The next day I brought him to see doctor and doctor could not find anything wrong with him.

The baby sitter said he did not eat or even drink milk the whole day; but his vomitting and diarrhea subsided by night. Nothing to be out from him since his stomach was empty. He managed to finish a whole bun this morning, I guess he was too hungry to choose. However around 12 today the baby sitter called up and told me that other than the bun, Baby Jay did not eat. He does not want to drink water too. Suspected it is tonsilitis, I brought him to his doctor again and the doctor confirmed that it was tonsilitis. Sigh! The doctor subscribe anti-biotic, hydrating salt and panadol for him.

I myself also sick. AGAIN! Thought I have recovered, but the coughing and tonsilitis hit me again last night. Sigh!

Hopefully Baby Jay is getting better by tonight. Miss the active and bubbly boy. And he started to speak two new words for a week now. "What's this?" :)


Small Kucing said...

Hope everyone get well soon

Rose said...

Thanks Mamarazzi. Hope so too.

Daddy said...

oh dear...it's always tough when the children is unwell...hang on there and hope that everyone will have a speedy recovery...