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Our lovely princess

Monday, November 14, 2011

She dances

Princess has her first graduation concert last Friday night. It was actually for Pre-3 students' graduations and all students from Pre-2 and Pre-3 are required to perform some dance routine on stage at MBKS Auditorium. Princess has 3 routines, one in Malay, one in Spanish and one in Indian. She really enjoyed herself dancing.

We reached there around 6pm and right away teachers got her ready in her first dances, put onto her costume and put some eye shadow and did her makeup. Baby Jay and I went to find good seat in the auditorium. Big J got there in time to see her first performance. I haven't got time and my Streamyx has some problem in shop, so have not yet downloading all those pictures and videos. Hopefully able to do it this few days. Need to delete the pictures from the camera too for our next trip.

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