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Thursday, November 3, 2011

About him and her

Baby Jay

He is recovering from his sickness and thank god he is back to his normal self. We know he is fine when he starts to hit and scold people and sing. Lol! He drank some milk last night and starts to ask for food this morning after 3 days. Good sign.

Baby Jay is 2 years and 2 months old now. He is weighing around 11kg. He lost a bit of weight lately due to sickness, but hopefully he gains back his weight.

His vocabulary is expanding slowly which include few new words, such as "What's this?", "Up", "Go kai kai", "Shoes", "Aduh" (don't ask me where he learns his Malay!) and "Nay" (pointing to his sister when ask about her whereabout).

He still not good with counting. Always start with either number "two" or "three" just like his sister when she was younger. So need to be patient there.

Princess Jan

She has been upgraded to Book 2 in her music class. So her fee per month starting this month is from RM60 to RM65. Saw her new music books which include a piano book. Does it mean she is learning to play notes on piano? I guess so! :) And Big J promised her if she passes her Grade 1 then he will buy a piano for her. I hope she really serious about music because piano is pretty costly. So far her teacher has been commenting on her good performance in term of theories. Glad to hear that. See how it goes from there.

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