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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

First school outing

Princess is having her first school outing today. Started from 8 to 12pm, she will be touring the MBKS library.

The outing consists of the Pre-2 and Pre-3 classes concert rehearsal and educational outing. The kids will have their graduation concert on 11 November evening. I am so looking forward to seeing my Princess graduates from her Pre-2 class. *wink*

Big J on other hand was a bit concern about her safety today because it was Princess's first trip and worry whether the teachers can control a big group of young kids. I am pretty sure everything is well arranged. Although at the back of my mind, I am also worry, but it is a good exposure and part of her learning experience. Hope Princess enjoyed her trip and have fun during the concert this Friday.

1 comment:

Zooropa said...

Don't worry much & I hope she will enjoy the outing too :-)