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Our lovely princess

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The kids

It is hard to take pictures of two kids together. It takes hard work to put them together and pose for the camera. Oh well, this is the latest one and although they hardly look straight in the lens, it is the best I could do!

One of the rare outing we had a week ago. And it was the first time we brought them to Reservior Park Kuching. It was a good outing as the kids can have some fresh air and exercise around the park. I used to go there for jogging but it has been ages since then.

I told Princess that my parents took their wedding photo on this bridge more than 35 years ago, and she also "kiasu" wanted to take photo there too! *wink*


Small Kucing said...

wow...35 years ago and the bridge is being well maintained till now :) Very good.

lina said...

So cute!!! :)

lvynana said...

We go there a lot, maybe we'll bum into each other one day :)

Kristie said...

cute kiddos :-)