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Our lovely princess

Thursday, April 26, 2012

She is who I am not

My princess is a drama queen. And Big J is saying that she is what I am not. I cannot sing well, she can. I cannot dance (Big J always said I am a stick) but Princess can. I am not good at drawing, but Princess can draw so well.

She loves to sing. And she can sing very well too! Her favourite singers are Katy Perry and Adele.

She can dance. And she can move those butt and body well than Shakira! *wink*

She loves to use flowery words to impress us.

She is my model and customer service assistant in the shop. Everytime customers come in, she will greet them first.

If she is unhappy, she will dial her grandma's mobile number and speak to her. Well, complain this and that until the grandma complain to us! Lol!


Kristie said...

So cute your girl :-) I love kids who love to dance and sing! not shy! :-)

Small Kucing said...

LOL...perfect. Lady Boss in training :)

Karen90 said...

So cute, I believe she makes your days and even life right.

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