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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Moody Monday

If the baby sitter did not tell me, I would have not realised it. On Monday when I sent Baby Jay to baby sitter, the baby sitter was telling me that Baby Jay has Monday mood. Almost every Mondays.

And depends on his mood, he will either happily go out from the car and walk to the house, or staying put and saying "No! No! No" in the car. So this Monday, again he was in his bad mood, and did not want to get out from the car. After much coax, we managed to get him out, but still in his grumpy mood, he followed his baby sitter into the house.

And babysitter told me Baby Jay always tired and yawning on Monday. Probably too much fun over the weekend. But near to end of the week, I noticed Baby Jay has good mood. Just like he knows it is Saturday and tomorrow is Sunday and it means no need to go to babysitter's house.

But every morning is a challenge for me. If he is in good mood, then everything will be smooth. If bad mood, then he will give you hard time at home and in the car! Sigh!

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