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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Goodbye Kuching

I am done!  Done with some cleaning and clearing around the house.  Phew!  Have gone out this morning to pay my utility bill, banked in cheques and buy some sio pau to bring over to Sibu tomorrow. 
Both kids are restless and wake up pretty early today.  Somehow the younger one know that he is going to Sibu so he was very excited and upbeat this morning.  When seeing Big J moving boxes and containers to his car, Baby Jay wanting to follow suit.  So to leave Big J at peace with his moving, I brought Baby Jay and Princess Jan out to do some chore.  First stop is my doctor to collect my letters and then breakfast of kolok mee with the kids.  After filling up our stomach, we proceed with other chore. 
Big J started his car before 11am, so he should be reaching Sibu after 4pm if the road is smooth and no rain. 
The kids saying their good byes to teachers yesterday. Collected the academic records and activity books from Princess' teacher yesterday.  Also went to Jay's kindergarden to meet up with his class teacher.  Everyone saying kind words and wishing us well. 
The saddest parting moment is when saying good bye to baby sitter.  Baby Jay has been very clingy to her lately and reluctant to go home everytime we went to pick him in the evening.  So yesterday it was Big J's turn to pick him since I had a long day and were tired.  Both Baby Jay and baby sitter were crying when they parted.  And baby sitter made us promise to bring both kids to see her when we are coming back the next round. 
Going to miss my home. 

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