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Monday, June 10, 2013

The blues hit

First day of school!  Woke up Princess around 6.15am and when ever she does not sleep enough, she will make a short protest at first then quietly but with teary eyes, going to the bathroom to brush her teeth and wash her face.  Sometimes she will take bath in the morning before go to school but I let her decide whether she wants to take bath or not because she usually bathe the night before she goes to bed.
After she has eaten her breakfast and I was about to send her off to school I suddenly did not feel well.  Have blur vision, look like want to faint.  So I requested Big J to send Princess off instead while I lied down on the bed next to Baby Jay for a while before his turn to wake up around 7.00am. 
Different story for Jay.  The sister went to school eagerly this morning while Jay was throwing a big tantrum and reluctant to wake up.  Took us some times to calm him down.  He cried and wailed.  My heart was hurt looking at him crying but I guess we have to stand firm when it comes to school.  Big J needed to carry him into the car and although I saw him still crying in the car when the car was gone, I know he will be alright after some times in school this morning.  Just hope everything will be normal tomorrow!!  How I hates the first week of school after school holiday!  Sigh!

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lina said...

Oh dear, the first day of school doesn't seem to go smoothly for you!