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Our lovely princess

Monday, June 17, 2013

My home helper

My Princess has started to help me around the house, especially in cleaning up messes and arranging things.  She started to show the initiative last week when she quietly but swiftly moving around the living room, arranging and clearing things up.  I did not stop her and since then, she will do some "arranging" work every day when ever she sees messes.  Well it is time for her to learn some responsibilities of taking care of housework. 
Once a while I will get her to help me in the kitchen but picking and washing vegetables.  She gladly help because it means "fun" to her.  Kids love to be around the kitchen I noticed. Especially girl.  Correct me if I am wrong.  My Princess just love to peek on me whenever I am in the kitchen.  I allowed her to wash her plastic cup in the sink since it is not fragile.  Soon, when she is bigger, she can help me do some washing.   Or maybe I can start with her doing some simple kitchen works like filling the electric kettle and boil water??

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Small Kucing said...

good for her. yeah nice time for her to help around the house