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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

School hoo-haa!

Both kids officially started their schools today.  It has been an eventful day yesterday, doing their school registration and accompanied them to class.

Jay went for the morning class session at My Little Precious kindergarden yesterday.  I accompanied him till 1130am while SIL brought Princess to her school.  Turned out that the school did not received any instruction letter from the Sibu education department on her enrolment.  After calling the department out, we discovered that her enrolment for that school was turned down and she was to be transferred to another primary school. 

So, in the afternoon, I went to the department personally to meet up with the respective personnel to collect the instruction letter.  I spent almost 2 hours there, waiting for my turn and letter as many applications for transfer of schools out from Sibu.  The personnel insisted on transferring to the other school, instead of my recommended one (SJK Taman Rajang). 

This morning, my SIL sent us to Princess' school (SK Penbandaran No 4) for registration.  Princess with her teary eyes and a big hug, she quietly went to her seat in her new classroom.  After that we sent Jay to his kindergarden.  We had a little row with him this morning because he reluctant to wear his new uniform and telling us he did not want to go to school.  We spent almost 30 minutes in his kindergarden.  After paying his school fees, we squeezed our way out from the kindergarden but he was crying and pulling at my pant before teachers caught and brought him away. 

So, I had 2 times of emotional stir this morning seeing my kids off to their respective schools this morning. Make me teary twice. Sigh!

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Small Kucing said...

guess its hard intiakky to get use to changing school, Hope they will settle down soon