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Thursday, July 25, 2013

A month shy of 4

Soon my boy will be celebrating his 4th birthday.  In a month time.

Jay is opposite of Princess Jan.  He is not so sociable, unlike the sister who easily strike conversation with strangers and loves to miggle with others.  Jay is more rebellious even at his age.  He loves to pick fight with his sister and bully her whenever he has the opportunity. 

Jay is getting picky when it comes to food.  Unlike when he was younger, now he would be choosing and does not like to eat much.  Doctor also told us that he is underweight for his age.  He still drink his Anmum Stage 4 milk.  180ml per feeding and some day he can drink up to 6 bottles.  There were one night when he drank 3 bottles of milk continuously before he was off to bed!

Jay is late sleeper, since he does take his afternoon nap.  Most of the times he will sleep after 10pm.  He is still on diaper at night.  Hopefully he will be coming out of it soon.

Like any boys, he enjoys cars and toys.  He also love to play Angry Birds games and collect cloth clips.  Don't ask me why cloth clips.  He just love to take and clip them together.

What for his coming birthday?  I have order a cake for him.  A special order from a friend....

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