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Our lovely princess

Monday, July 29, 2013

No longer a kid

My Princess has been doing well in the recent exam. 

She passed all her papers.  There were few papers that she made simple careless mistakes, that caused her deduction.  Like in her Maths, she made 2 careless mistakes so she only got 96% instead of full.  She knows the answers but somehow she answered wrongly.  Sigh!  In her tuition, she was number 4 out of 13 students.

My SIL asked her what toy would she want as a motivation for her achievement last week.  Instead of telling my SIL what toy, she told her that she would like story book instead.  So on Friday night, we went to Popular Book Store in Delta Mall and let her choose her own story book.

Her grandma also asked Princess what toy would she wants, but she replied, "I am no longer a kid.  I don't want any toy.  I want story book instead."  *wink*  My princess is big girl already.  Very mature for her age. 


Small Kucing said...

bravo...girls usually mature faster

lina said...

Good job to your little girl. :)