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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Kids' resistance

My kids having some resistance and opinion about their new schools in Sibu. 

She has been commenting to me and everyone that she does not like Sibu school.  When asked why, she said that the school has too much test.  Spelling test.

In previous school in Kuching, she only have weekly spelling test in BM and Mandarin.  Now every day she has to go through the BM test and weekly Mandarin test, so she does not enjoy her school much.  And she also commented that her BM teacher is fierce and like scolding students. 

I am putting her to tuition next week on all subjects so she will be going to tuition from Monday to Friday from 2.30-4.30pm.  And she has been complaining to her aunt that she does not want to go to tuition last night.  Instead she told her aunt that she would like to go to art class.  Sigh!  This girl is sure a headache to me. 

Although she got good marks and was No 1 in previous exam in her class, I told her that she needs tuition to build better foundation for her studies in school.  And she does not show much interest in Mandarin, so I am worry that she would have some problems catching up on all Mandarin-related subjects in school.  Need a little coaxing to get her to agree to go to tuition.  And maybe find an art teacher to teach her art since she requested.

Baby Jay

He shown resistance on first week but yesterday he has been behaving well.  No crying but was eager to go to school now.  Proud of him. 

And teacher also commented that he is behaving well in school. 

The difference compared to previous kindergarden is that in this new kindergarden, Jay has homework and weekly English and Chinese test.  I was surprised that this kindergarden has test for 4yo kids.  Maybe because in previous kindergarden, there were none and Jay is more relax in school. 

At first Jay does not want to do homework at home, so I have given up in persuading him to do so.  But now that he starting having an afternoon care in the kindergarden I do not need to worry about his homework.  Teacher will teach him to do homework.  And he told his aunt that he loves Sibu school!!  *wink*


Yee Ling said...

You have moved to Sibu, Rose?

That must you have been adapting to a new environment with your family. Hope everything will be good soon.

Small Kucing said...

gosh daily ejaan and spelling ah....that is stressful. Mine weekly already headache liao :(