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Our lovely princess

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Our little boss

Baby Jamie is 11 day old today. He is getting stronger in term of strenght and vocal. If he does not get what he wants  he wil cry out loud.

Luckily he did not develop any jaundice although the visiting nurse commented that he was slightly yellowish on Monday. After check up his reading came back low  about 11 point. After few days the jaundice has gone.

He drinks about 2scoops milk fomula (about 60oz) and once a while feed on my milk. I don't have much milk so no choice but supplement with formula. He is a very patient baby. He will suck on my nipples without much complains and sometimes he will doze off sucking on it. Lol. 

He drink almost every 2 hours. Probably sleep too much during day  sometimes he makes noises and very much alert at night. Thank god I have stay-in CL  so she helps taking care of him at night. 

My 11 days old baby.