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Friday, September 27, 2013

While I am not around

Life is pretty bored in my confinement room. Basically sleep, eat and making myself look busy in my room. Baby Jamie sleeps most during the day while he will have his play time around evening from 6 to 8 before he sleeps and sometimes making noises and does not want to sleep in middle of night. Thank god that CL is sleeping with me and baby. What I would do without her. Do not want to think after my 1month period now. Lol.

While I am been "confined", both kids are staying with their gu-gu. Sometimes in evening they will come over for a short will visiting me and baby. 

On first week my Princess developed hair lice problems. It scared the shit out of her gu-gu because she has long hair. After a week and so of using anti-lices shampoo and 2 visits to salon her lices and nits are killed. Phew! I was also scared. What would I do if I also got infected? So from now we need to watch her shampooing her hair or we do it for her. Teach her a lesson for keeping ling hair and lazy to wash it. 

Meantime Jay has stomach infection this week. Vomitted in school on Monday and after check up, doctor said he has stomach infection. So all those anti-biotics and yeast medication for him. Almost no-school week for him this week. Today he was brought in to see doctor for follow up. Jay still look active to me but he does lose some weight and thinner. Did not eat much other than drink milk on Tuesday. Doctor said his stomach is alright. However doctor gave Jay cough syrup because he has mild cough. Hope he recovered soon. 

Since I am in my confinement I also been praying few times. Praying to God. Feel that God is listening and answering my prayers. I never pray so much in a day but now I feel great praying to Him every single hours. :)

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