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Our lovely princess

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Stuff they did

Some pictures of Princess and Jay to share here.

While I am in my confinement, the kids were actually enjoying themselves and been kept occupied by my SIL and her hubby. Really appreciate their help for babysit them. 

What they did during the past 2weeks and so....

Princess got a gift from gu-zhang. A pink helmet so she could ride motorbike to school. Noticed she lost a front teeth? Lost on the morning when I were going to deliver Jamie.

 Kids fooling in the pool before the actual dip. And on 19 Sept, they had a round of lantern walking and parading in the big house compound.

The latest picture of my kids with both hair been trimmed short!! I wonder whether they want to come back to me or not

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Small Kucing said...

Nice tanglung. Sure they enjoyed that