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Our lovely princess

Friday, April 4, 2014

Date rules

Don't worry, my Princess is still small.  Not into the dating field for many years more.  But I find this nice picture online for sharing here.

Of course as a mum, I would expect the best for my children, especially my princess.  Maybe because she is a girl and the only princess at home, I would expect myself to be over-proctective and demanding.  Can't blame me right?  Who wouldn't?  But I don't think I would go to any extreme that make me go to jail (Point 9).  *wink*


lina said...

Saw it before. Cute. ;p

Merryn said...

Sometimes I feel thankful for not having a daughter so I don't have to worry too much. But then again, if my son notti kacau ppl's dotter oso I'll be in big trouble!

Kylie wenn said...

That's what parents with daughter will do.. haha!~