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Monday, April 14, 2014

Going 8

I have not been blogging much about my Princess.  A bit guilty here!  I know that I am super busy with the youngest, as Jamie is 7 months old and up and around.  He is one busy baby, so hard to keep up with him.
But my eldest, Princess is going to be 8 years old next month.  How times really fly.  As each year goes, I feel that my eldest is growing up so fast and soon that she is leaving the nest and starting adulthood.  Oh dear! I know, I am taking everything too fast here.  But mind you, in 10 years time, she will be 18 years old and starting her college life. 

Princess is more independent, thank god for that.  I do not need to worry much about her.  She arranges her own books and schedules.  Always finish her school works before play, but once a while, I would need to nag or remind her to do stuff.  She loves to read, maybe learnt from me. She still the artistic type, always doodle and draw on papers when ever she is free.

She is more adventurous now when it comes to food.  I have to force her to drink soup when I cook soup.  So now her food list is getting longer and more selective. And she just lose a tooth on Sunday night.

What's our plan for her 8th birthday?  Just simple celebration with a cake, as she likes a little cake to go with any celebration.  My parents would be here to celebrate her birthday, so something special this year.  Princess is always a little gem in everyone' heart, being the eldest granddaughter and child in the family.   

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Small Kucing said...

doesnt sound simple woor...so many people celebrate with. :)

Happy birthday