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Friday, April 11, 2014

Baby at 7 months

Jamie is 7 months old today.  He is growing handsomely, praise the Lord. 

His motor skill is better, able to grip and hold strongly onto something.  His movement is also not bound to one place now.  Turning around and flip around are most of his daily routine.  The bed is just a small space to explore for him as he can move from one spot in one minute and then the next minute, he is in one corner of the bed.

Just matter of time when Jamie can crawl. Few days ago, we saw him on 2 hands and feet, lifting his body up. Reminded me of tortoise moving forward slowly in his heavy shell. Lol.

We have introduced baby walker for him early this month.  At first when he sat in walker and able to move a bit, he was pretty surprised.  A new experience for him at that time.  Now can push the walker around; not strongly but surely.

He started to eat "chuk" (congee), mixed with Bovril.  He enjoys his food.  Ate a lot of congee and cereals, and also poo almost every day.  Most of the times, his poo is soft and yellowish.

Still no sign of his first teeth, but he does love to bite onto something and us when we carrying him.  I dread the moment when little one has teeth and into the "biting habit" because I have been bitten before!  Not pleasant experience at all.  Lol!

Our handsome baby is growing each day.  In 5 months time, he is going to be 1 year old.  Times really flies.

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