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Friday, January 16, 2009

On the 2nd week

Little J was sick early this week, so she did not go to pre-school and rested at baby sitter’s house for 2 days. She was back to school on Wednesday. Luckily she eager to go to school and did not cry when attendant took her out from my car. Before she out from the car, she will say to me “wait till mummy finish”. Meaning that wait till I finish work and pick her up, although she well aware that her baby sitter will pick her. She can even say her school and teacher’s name when someone asked her. *wink*

School is good for her, we see some improvement in her. Better pronunciation and even more talkative at home. Now she can talk in full sentence. Sometimes she can be annoying as she will keep talking non stop near your ears. Lol! When ask whether the teacher hit her or not, Little J will say yes. Hmm. Now is she lying? Lol! I think one of these days, need to give her teacher a call and check on her progress.

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