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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Little update after 3rd day

Finally I am back to office after been absent for 4 days (Saturday to Tuesday). I am getting lazier after long laying off, and almost dozing off in the afternoon. Yeah, it shown we did not have many customers around and we were very free. Every one complains on targets and sales.

Anyway, I do not want to talk much about my work, better divert to a more interesting topic. What else, of course on my Little J. She is doing fine. Today was much better. I dropped her at the drop off point and attendant took her into the school compound. She did not cry (although her expression did turn slightly sour and eyes turned watery) and she obediently said good bye to me and follow the attendant. I guess that is a good sign. Showing she wants to go to school and did not cry for me unlike yesterday when teacher took her into the class and told me to leave her behind. I almost cry myself! Lol!

When asked her on her school, she is happy and mumbling away, everything I asked, she mostly answered with a “yes”.

Me: Did you eat in school?
LJ: Yes

Me: Did you colour in school?
LJ: Yes

Me: Did you “shi shi” (pee) in school?
LJ: Yes

Me: Did you sing in school?
LJ: Yes

Me: Is teacher good or bad to you?
LJ: Good


Jess said...

Good, she is now independent


Lovely Mummy said...

so good leh, only the 3rd day to school. my kid cried for 2 weeks lah...