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Monday, January 5, 2009

1st day in school

Posed before off to school

Little J woke up the usual time this morning, i.e. 630am. I think I am more excited than her, woke up around 6am and hardly can doze off again. So since can't sleep, I prepared her snack box for her 1st day at school. Chocolate chip cookie, butter bun and some cornflakes for her. She was excited about school and I help her dress up in her school uniform and put on her new shoes. Mummy even advised Little J to behave and listen to teacher’s instruction and have fun with other friends. Mummy tries not to make a fuss as it will make her more anxious about her 1st day.

Play by herself

So off we go after getting everything ready in her bag and we reached Little J’s school around 8.10am. When we ushered to Little J’s class (they have name for each class, hers is called En Picasso), some kids were crying. Most were crying, you can hardly hear the teacher talking. Some cried till the end of class. Lol! Thank god Little J is alright and she played by herself. She did try to make friends but you know, children. They don’t communicate well among themselves and surely not on 1st day at school.

Take turn on the slide

There were 3 teachers looking after 10-something of them. 90% are girl students. To calm those crying ones, teachers brought them to the playland for some fun. Knowing Little J, as long as there some games and fun, she will forget where she is. And I have been hiding around to see whether she will look for me. But from look of it, she was comfortable with the other kids and environment, but there were times she will look for me. At least she did not cry, just shouting for her mummy. Lol! Like other parents, we watched our kids from outside the class, trying to detach ourselves from kids and let the teachers did their job.

Waiting for her turn to drive. If you are wondering, she's trying to shoo the girl out! Lol

Snack time around 9.30am and every kids must sit on benches and eat. Little J only eat her cornflakes, hardly touch her cookie and bun. Tomorrow menu would be Jacob’s cream crackers since she loves crackers.

Choosy eater

When I told her I am going off, she didn’t want to let go of my hand and pushed me inside the class. Some parents stayed with their kids. So I stayed with Little J till 10.00am and then I off to pick her baby sitter. Since she would be the one picking Little J, it would be good to introduce her to Little J’s teacher. By 1030am, the class is dismissed. 1st week they dismiss the classes earlier, but the following weeks and so forth, would be dismissed at 11.30am.

No drama from her in class but guess what? She made a scene when we reached baby sitter’s house. Don’t want me to leave the house and keep asking me to carry her. I guess the excitement and anxiety of 1st day finally kicked off?? As for tomorrow, I think I will just drop her off in her class and then go away.


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Daddy said...

Wow. What an exciting milestone for you and Little J. Congratulations!

Jess said...

So lucky Little J all right in the first day.

Whereas, my little Lyon... hai yoo... cannot tahan...