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Friday, January 2, 2009

Protective? Jealous? Or what??

Here come Little J to the bedroom, open the bedroom door. She is tall enough to turn the door knob. “Here I come” she announced while entering the room. Sometimes, I enjoy a little privacy with Big J while Little J is watching television downstair. Once finished, she will switch off the tv and comes up to the room.

When Big J hugs or kisses me, Little J will come forward and push Big J away. She will scream “No” and sometimes “go away” to her dad and hug me.

Sometimes I do pity Big J but it is his fault too. Bonding with children is also partly on his duty as father, spending more times with her. Since young, Little J has been sharing a special bond with me. I guess the saying “baby bonds with the person that feed them at night” is true. Big J never wakes up to feed and change her at night. Cannot rely too much on him without causing accident during night feeding too! Lol!

When Big J wants to hug and kiss her, she will run away. Only after some sweet talking and promises then Little J will let Big J kisses her. Yeah I know. Shouldn’t give promises to kids when you can do them right?

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