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Saturday, January 10, 2009

What is in the bag?

I know, I have been babbling the whole week on Little J's school, but I cannot help it! The excitement of she going to school still much around us and I cannot help not writing it down in my blog so when she is bigger, she will be able to read my blog and see her own development as a child. *wink* To get on with the story, we got to see some arts done by Little J in her school. While checking her bag last night, I noticed she brought home her colouring that she done this week. Thought that teacher usually display on board etc instead of students bringing them home. It may not look tidy, but I guess she is having fun colouring and making all those stuff in school. *wink*

Like other children, Little J loves colouring. More like messing around!! Lol! And I cannot remember how many colour pencils I have brought for the past 1 year. Always missing or misplace few pencils till I keep buying new box for her. So I never buy those expensive one, as she will lose it again and again.

Next week classes will end at 1130am. The school has communication book which students allow the bring home in their bag. So every day I will be able to check in the book on what Little J has done and the activities she is having. She will be joining swimming class on every Thursday, so I have to remind myself on packing her swimming wear on those days. And not forgetting every Tuesday is her gym class, so she allows to wear gym wear plus cap to school on that day. I don’t remember I have those schedules when I was in kindergarden. And looking at Little J’s schedule, we couldn’t believe those are the stuff that a 3-years old need to learn, such as science, memory prrogamme and computer. Wonder what would children in the future (like my grandchildren) will learn then?? Lol!


slavemom said...

It's great that she's having fun in kindy. Huh? Computer lessons for 3 yr olds? My girl's kindy oni introduced computer to 5 n 6 yr olds.

Rose said...

I guess some basic introduction to computer. not so much on using it!

but my gal know how to switch on pc, touch and move the mouse and open the dvd drive! Sigh! Kids are cleverer than us! hahaha!