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Friday, September 11, 2009

Sisterly love

Since Little J met her baby brother, she has fall in love with him immediately. Every morning, she would come into the room to see her baby brother and greet him. She has been sleeping in her aunt’s room since the day I went to hospital. When she comes home, the first thing she would do is to see Baby Jay.

Take #1

Little J: Good morning, baby. What is your name?? *pause* Baby Jay.

(she would ask the baby and answer for him herself!)

Take #2

When she sees Baby Jay crying;

Little J: Why baby cry?
Mummy: Baby is hungry, want milk
Little J: Oh baby, please don’t cry. Don’t cry baby.

Take #3

While chatting to Baby Jay, Baby Jay was burping out some milk from his mouth;

Little J: Mummy! Come! Baby’s milk comes out from his mouth.

And when I go to attend the baby, Little J was wiping with a handkerchief

Hmm, I guess both are getting along pretty well.


JenJen's Place said...

SO CUTE!!!!!!

pearly said...

welcome to the world little JAY
you are a very handsome bb
weldone mummy and daddy xxxx

janice said...

it's it cute.. hahaha. i m sure she will be a good sister ...

slavemom said...

Little J is a vy loving sister. She can help u to take care of bb. :)