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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Little update around the house

Next week Baby Jay would be 1 month old and that means I would be out of confinement too. *wink* I am happy and cannot wait for that day to arrive.

What would I do once I am out? I have been doing some wardrobe clearing yesterday and most of my outfit doesnt fit me for time being. Probably they will, but for those that I wouldnt be wearing (outdated) I have been keeping them aside. Thinking of giving them away for donation since they are still in good condition. So are Little J's clothing. She has a lot of wardrobe, mostly cannot wear anymore. Either give away to her little cousin or to children's home.

Since Mid-Autumn is around the corner, we have been thinking of giving away some mooncakes to relatives and friends that have been visiting and giving "angpow" and hampers to Baby Jay. Maybe I would buy them once I am out from my confinement.

As for Baby Jay, he is doing well, now drinking around 3Oz of milk every time. He is putting on some weight. He has been more alert and awake during the day and night, and start to cry louder. Lol! He is stronger as the day passes. We are thinking of changing his milk powder as his stool is still watery and smelly. Currently he is drinking Similac, and we thought of letting him try Anmum Infacare. Hopefully his stool would be more solid and less smelly after trying out the new powder.

Unlike Little J, Baby Jay has a fear of bath. We noticed that everytime the confinement lady is bathing him, he will hold tightly to her. And Baby Jay was holding his fist so tight, that his whole hand turn blue. Gosh! He will make noise if he was lower down to his bath tub, but if turn him facing the water in the tub, he will quiet down. Probably he doesnt like the "back stroke" style, but prefer the "butterfly stroke" instead. Lol!

He will have his next vaccination on 25th. Hopefully he will be doing fine; no fever. I must remember to give him some panadol first before going for the vaccine that day.


Cynthia said...

congratulations.. finally can fong kam very soon ya..

Rose said...

hahaha! Yeah, Cynthia. you are right!

slavemom said...

Hopefully he won't get any fvr after the vaccination. Errr... is it advisable to give paracetamol as a precaution? U'd better chk with the paed.