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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

He is slimming down

Since Big J started his diet programme earlier this month, he has lost a few inches on his waist and shield few kilos. He was very excited about the progress and aimed to lose more. Before this, Big J has been complaining of unable to fit into his wardrobe as well as fatigue. He has to buy bigger and bigger size shirts and pants. Now, he is no longer need to buy bigger clothing, but smaller size clothing.

He usually buys his clothing online as he is unable to find his size here. Not only that, it is also great to shop online, as it is easier, faster and has more choices. One of the online shopping website we like to visit is Shopwiki. Just the other night, we bought few pants and shirts for him. We have also bought some winter clothing for his dad who is going to Europe for holiday next month.

I have been telling Big J that it has been awhile since we have our vacation, so we should plan for vacation next year. Probably not Europe as it is way beyond our budget, but a holiday in one of the islands in Malaysia would do. We are thinking of going back to Redang where we had our honeymoon 4 years ago. This time, I must try surfing if we have a chance to go there again next year. We saw a group surfed in Redang previously and how tempted I was to try it out. But first thing first. I must get one surfing board and gear and learn to surf before going there next year.

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HomelyPark said...

hi rose, the online shopping website u've mentioned, is it reliable? how the conditions of the goods that u bought? can't really find nice stuffs especially in kch whether limited style, stocks, etc..i believe u know what i mean...