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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Allergic to cough??

Little J has been down with coughing bugs for almost 2 weeks and after seeing she hasn't fully recovered from it, I took her to see doctor this morning. Her doctor did not open today, so I took her to mine instead. I am also infected by cough bugs for 2 days. Do not want to spread the bugs to Baby Jay.

This is her first time to my doctor, so I was asked alot of sickness history, such as how often she was sick, what allergy, does she has fever when she was sick etc. After much questioning and body checking, my doctor told me that Little J may have what it is pretty common in every children "Allergic to cough bugs". It means that she would easily get the bugs.

Since schooling this year, Little J has been down with sickness like almost once a month. I lost count of how many times I brought her to see her doctor. Usually she doesnt have fever, just normal flu or cough. So my doctor advised me not to give her cold drink and sleep in moderate air con temperature to avoid easily infected by cough bugs. So if your children easily sick (such as cough or flu), try not to give your children cold drinks and avoid sleeping in cooler air-con room.


smallkucing said...

Try give more vit C

Fussy mum said...

Hi Rose, thanks for dropping by my blog the other day :)

The moment children attend school they are more prone to sickness. Let her take some supplement like Vit C or cod liver oil to strenghten her immune system.