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Our lovely princess

Friday, January 8, 2010

Sister nags

She will nag her brother if he is noisy. "Don't make noise, Baby Jay". "Do not cry", or "Baby, you cannot do that".

This morning, I overheard her talking to her brother in the room. "Baby, do not put your hands into your mouth. Do not do that. I am angry with you". Then she walked away but few seconds later, she came to her brother and start to nag him again on hand sucking. Lol!

And when I try to feed Baby Jay his medicine, Princess Jan was asking Baby Jay to drink his medicine instead of throwing the medicine out. "You have to drink medicine, baby, then you get better". Yes, that is my kay-poh and know-it-all daughter.

My Princess Jan knows how to nag people. She will nag her dad to wake up every morning so she would not be late for school. She will nag me to give her milk. She will nag her brother if he makes too much noise while she watches tv. Irregardless of her nags, she loves her brother very much. She will check on him from time to time. Every morning, the first thing she does would be greeting her brother "Good morning".


smallkucing said...

Princess jan very resposible girl leh. Helping Mommy to take care of baby

Cynthia said...

hahaha.. she is such a sweet sister and daughter! :D Good that she knows what to do at the right time ya.. :D

Mummy Moon said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. She is so cute, she is not kay boh leh, she is a very good daughter and sister, she can help you take care the lil brother