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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Under the weather

Baby Jay has been sick earlier this week. I noticed that he coughed on Monday evening, and immediately we took him to see the paediatrician. Paediatrician could not find any problem with him but she gave us some cough/flu syrup just in case. His condition got worse on Tuesday evening when I picked him and Princess from the baby sitter’s house.

So, I gave him his medicine and he slept pretty well through the night. He did not drink his milk although he woke up twice. Maybe he was uncomfortable with the sneeze and flu, and hardly wanted to drink his milk. Fortunately by morning, he managed to finish up 3 Oz of milk.

The first night, Baby Jay making so much noise and stayed awake for almost 2 hours. So, you can imagine the next morning, I could not get up if not because of my alarm. I was weary the whole Wednesday in the office. Lol!

Baby Jay is still recovering from his sickness. Maybe it is the weather. Rainy and cold season. No one in the family or baby sitter is sick so wonder how he got the flu.


smallkucing said...

Hope he get well soon. Cold weather is easy to fall sick :(

nyumix said...

Hi Rose, thanks for your advice on juice. I will try to make it every morning. Btw.. your baby look so cute...I did not know that he's already seven months old... Lucky Mom you are...

slavemom said...

Wishing him a speedy recovery. Must be difficult for mommy too when bb's unwell.

Cynthia said...

hope Baby J get well soon.. so mommy can get more rest..