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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sucking job

Baby Jay is now 4 months plus baby. He is weighing around 7.4kg. Mummy is not strong enough to carry him around. Lol!!

He simply loves to put anything in his mouth and start sucking. From his blanket, fingers,toys to anything that he can grab. There were times when I caught him sucking his blanket till that part of the blanket was wet with his saliva. If I or Big J scolded him for sucking, he will just look at us with his big round eyes and laugh. Lol!!

He drools a lot lately, don't tell me he is teething that young??? Anyway, I started to give him a teething toy for him to bite. He does not enjoy taking his pacifier, so I do not force him. He does not need pacifier, so I thank god that I do not need to wean him on that. He is a good angel, but if he lies down too long, he will start to cry or scream, until you have no choice but to carry him. Sigh!!


smallkucing said...

Could be teething. There was a baby born a day earlier than my boy. When we went to the clinic on 2nd mh for his jab, saw the baby there too. The mother said he have 2 teeth already! Just imagine, 2mnths old with twoo teeth.

Met again during 1 year old jab, the baby had full set of teeth. My boy only have two teeth at that time.


Babies are very smart these days. Not like our time, so dumb hor?