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Friday, January 29, 2010

Raise in salary

This morning my baby sitter requested for a raise of RM150. And it means that from RM600, I would need to pay RM750 from this month onward. Hmm, I guess it justify everything.

Firstly, everything increases in price, so it is reasonable and fair for her to ask for such raise. Secondly she is taking care of my 2 kids and I do not have any complains so far. Thirdly besides looking after my 5 months old Baby Jayden, every weekday she needs to pick my princess from her school, so I need to chip in some for her petrol. *wink*

So, I guess RM750 for taking care of 2 kids is reasonable. What do you think??


smallkucing said...

RM750 kira cheap loh for two kids. Most place in KL per kid is RM500 and that is not inclusive of many things

michelle@mybabybay said...

Half day or full day? I paying about that for half day for 2.

Rose said...

Small Kucing. yeah after consulting my friends, they said very cheap. Some more, my nanny help in washing, cooking and bathing my kid.

Michelle, full day for my baby and half day for my girl as she is going to pre-school in the morning. 6 days per week as I work on Saturday too.