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Friday, February 5, 2010

Looking at the kids

Looking at my 2 kids, I feel like I have accomplished half of what I should have done on earth. Proud mum of 2 adorable kids, but sometimes they can make me pull my hair and blood boiling. Most of the times, looking at their faces, all stresses and bad moods are gone.

Big J and I shared responsibilities of taking care of each kid. Big J and Princess Jan used to quarrel a lot, but now that Princess Jan is grown up, she hardly talk back. She still sleep with her aunt. We let her be. She has grown attached to her aunt lately.

As for Baby Jay, he is getting more active. I having backaches from carrying him around. Babysitter is telling me to get some baby cereal for Baby Jay as she noticed that he keeps asking for milk every 2 hours. Look like he is not getting enough from his milk. So I must reminded myself to hunt for baby cereal this weekend.

It is tough to allocate equal time for both kids. I feel guilty of not spending time with my Princess and hardly got time to check on her schooling. Big J is too busy with his work, he hardly have time for the kids, not to mention me! However I do reminded Big J from time to time that we must have a "family day", i.e. on Sunday. All handphones are off and no appointments on Sunday. Fair enough, right?

So on Sunday, we will go to church and breakfast in the morning. Then spending time in front of tv or lazy in the room. Nothing special but I like the feeling of everyone together.

It may be hard to take care of 2 kids. But the smiles they show on the faces and when they call you "mummy", the feeling is great. I am sure all mothers would feel the same.


lvynana said...

Family day on every Sunday, sounds like a good plan.

Mommy Ling said...

I definetely understand your feeling cos i felt de same like u too..SIGH** but we look more at de good sides of it, ok.