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Thursday, February 11, 2010

She can wash her clothing

I have a laugh last night when Big J told me about the morning event. It goes like this.....

As usual, every morning, I was rushing like a mad cow, getting ready for my work while getting both kids ready before I gone out. So, the morning went as usual yesterday. I was preparing milk for Princess Jan and went on with other chore. Around 7.40am, I went to work, leaving Princess Jan in the living room. Usually she will wave goodbye to me, but yesterday she just sit on the sofa bending very low.

When I was gone, Big J came down with Baby Jay, getting ready to send the children. There he noticed Princess acting suspiciously, walking from the kitchen to living room. When asking her what was she doing, she did not reply, but holding tight to her school uniform. After much questioning, finally she showed her dad her uniform! There! Milk stain on her uniform! A lot of stain. I did not close the lid properly and her milk was staining her uniform.

So my clever princess went to wash her own uniform. She was trying to clean her stain by pouring water from the sink and rubbing her uniform. And Big J was having a laugh of his life. Finally out of desperation, Big J has to hand wash her uniform, iron it out and put onto her as her other uniform was in Baby sitter's house.

There! A little twist of what should be another normal morning.

1 comment:

2crazydogs said...

Smart girl she is. And she must have thought she spilled it on her uniform herself.....awwww!! Btw, Kung Hei Fatt Choi!