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Monday, February 1, 2010

The lion head

Chinese New Year is 2 weeks away. Have you make the necessary preparation? I remember that when I was young, I was excited when I thought of CNY. Firstly, because of ang pow. Yeah, who could resist not receiving ang pow as a child?

Secondly, because we get to buy new clothing and the feeling of helping around the house and in the kitchen in getting everything ready for the CNY. I missed those day. But as I get older, I no longer look forward to CNY. Now I understand my mum's anxiety when CNY is around the corner.....

For children, any festival would be good. For them, it means fun and togetherness. It is true for my Princess Jan. For her, CNY means that she will be meeting her grandparents. Her grandparents pampered and idolised her. So, it makes her a spoil brat sometimes. But they love her anyway. *laugh*

Besides her grandparents, her aunt and uncle also adore her. Like her uncle specially bought her a lion head and drum for her to play. Supposed to be put up at my BIL's cafe as decoration, but it ended up remaining at home and becomes Princess Jan's play toy. I don't mind her playing with the lion head, but not the drum. Because she is making too much noise, and I worry that neighbours will complain besides making Baby Jay awakes from his naps.

If she is lonely, she will either get her aunt or uncle to play with her. Either they play the drum and she running around with the lion head trying to do some lion dance performance. Lol!

Aren't she looks cute??


smallkucing said...


Daddy said...

Hi. Was also thinking of buying one of those lion heads for Ryan and see how he would react to it..but on second thought, we were afraid that he might used it to whack our little toy poodle...

Mommy Ling said...

Hi Rose,

Thanks for dropping by. We have the same name too..Ling..heheh

Do u mind i add ur blog to my blogroll?

I like the lion head but my gal just resist to play or even see it..hahhaha


Rose said...

hi Mommy Ling, sure. I would add you in my blog roll too :p

molly said...

Oh, ya New Year is coming, I am excited too because New Year to me means another new begining.
BTW thanks for visiting. Like your blog, will return again!
Have a wonderful day!

Rose said...

Thanks Molly for visiting!!

Rose said...
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