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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Flip Flop

He did it himself! I am proud of him!

Yes, Baby Jay can turn his body and lie on his stomach. But on 2 occasions I missed out his turning process. On both occasions, it was in the bedroom on my big king sized bed. I was cleaning his milk bottle and when I entered the room, there he was! On his stomach!

And Big J was excited when I told him he can flip over that Big J asked Baby Jay to flip for him to see. But no matter what, Baby Jay would not do in front of our eyes. Hahah!! So it is better not to force him, right? Let he practises and learns naturally. Hopefully the next time he does it, I would be able to video the whole process. *smile*

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smallkucing said...

Hi Rose

Just dropping by to wishyou and your family a Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year :)