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Our lovely princess

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Poor girl

On and off encounter with virus!! She is still not feeling well. My Princess did not go to babysitter today as she was complaining that she was not feeling well this morning.

I was surprised to see her at home when I went back for lunch. Btw, I am working whole day on Saturdays. She was seen sitting on her stool in front of TV eating her porridge (cooked by my SIL). As I was leaving, she told me quietly she did not want the vegetables (my SIL put broccoli and carrot in the porridge), and my SIL overheard her. So got a scolding from her. She must finished her bowl of porridge, my SIL said. Lol!

Anyway, she has not been well lately. Her previous medicine has finished last week. Just when we thought she was fine, I heard her coughing lightly yesterday. Even her baby sitter commented that she has slight fever and cough yesterday morning after picking her from school. Probably she got the virus from school. She also did not want to go to school. If have good excuses, she will tell me she did not want to go to school. Sigh! Kids. At such young age, they did not want to go to school.

Well, we will be gone for our vacation in 1 week time, so I would not want Princess Jan to fall sick again. If she still not feeling okay by this evening, must take her see doctor again.


smallkucing said...

Hope she gets well soon. Have to give more vitamins to boost up her immune system

Cynthia said...

poor princess.. hopefully she recover soon.. and you can have a good CNY..