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Our lovely princess

Friday, September 24, 2010

Winner & the nanny

The winner

On the day of her competition, Princess Jan requested her hair to be tied, so my maid helped her and gave her 2 Mickey Mouse shaped hair clips. And she was happy with her new hair style that she did not want to wash her hair for whole day! Lol!

My Princess has conquered her fear and managed to go through the Final of her English Reading Competition. Although a slight break down at first (her voice is breaking and she was fighting in between her sobs), she manage to read her rhyme. She won a consolation prize.

The winners with their prizes. 1st prize winner recites her winning rhyme.

I am proud of her. As her prizes from me, I brought her to Boulevard Shopping Complex and bought her a colouring pencil set (as she wanted) and some books from Popular Book Store and treated her to a nice KFC dinner. At least a consolation for her bravery to go up the stage! Bravo, Princess!

Showing off her consolation prize

The nanny

It is going to be a long week without the kids' babysitter. Babysitter is taking leave from tomorrow till 2 October; she is going to Thailand for a holiday. And it means that Big J and I have to take turn to look after the 2 kids. Luckily I managed to employ 2 new staff at the shop. Both very new, one started about a week ago and another one just came in few days ago. At least I have my Indonesian maid mending the shop and I am relieved to take care of the kids.

With 2 hyperactive kids, it can be pretty hard job, but I guess we shall prevail. Our routine for the rest of the week would be:

Sending Princess to school during the weekday.......Have breakfast, open shop...Picking her up from school....Have lunch and bathe the kids at my parents' house since it is pretty near to my shop......Either me or Big J to bring the kids home for their afternoon nap....Bathe the kids......Dinner at my parents' house.....Playtime at the shop till closing.

I guess the routine would be like that.


Mommy Ling said...

Wow..she deserved the little pressie as she requested. Congrats!

smallkucing said...

Cngratulation! yup she deserve the pressie :D

mNhL said...

Congratulations to your princess. She did a good job. Stage fear is very hard to overcome. She did it!

MeRy said...

Congrats to your princess..BRavo!!