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Our lovely princess

Monday, September 13, 2010

Back to school

Yes, today is the first day at school and Princess has been very good. I remember during the previous holiday she did not want to go back to school after school reopened.

I could not get up in time this morning. The clock is set but end up I did not heard it and my Baby Jay was the one that wake me up, around 730am. So it was chaotic as laundry needed to be hung to dry, feed the 2 kids, make food for Princess to bring to school etc....Anyway, thank Big J as he sent the 2 kids off while I can take some time to bathe and get ready to go out. Princess even gave me a hug before she went out, which she seldom do. I guess she did not feel like going to school after a week lay off, but she was obediently went into the car and wave goodbye to me. *wink*

As usual I would ask Princess what she would like for her snack time in the morning. She will choose between croissants and sausages. As she is growing, her appetite also increasing. She can finish 2 pieces of croissants or 5 strips of sausages. And slowly I am introducing her new food, like muffins, scones and cheesy sandwiches for her school snack. I am not like some mommies who are very adventurous and crafty in providing meals for their kids. Some even make good bento for their kids to bring to school. Alas. I am a lazy mummy. Just can provide something good enough for the kids, nothing fancy.... Lol!


smallkucing said...

Good that she can eat. Now mine is starting the "hamster" stage

MeRy said...

Good that ur girl still can eat breakfast in the morning..for my son, he just drink milk,then I have to tapao him some food for his tea snack time. Actually his school do provide food,but I am worry he does not like to eat school food,so I better standby for him.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Hi Rose, I saw my blog add in your blogroll, thanks yeah!

May I know how old is Jan now?
Sorry, I am a blur mommy...I can't read the ticker well.

Good to know that Jan has great appetite with her snack. I am sure mommy has prepare delicious one for her.

Rose said...

Hi there Sarah's mummy. My Jan is 4 years old plus. She can eat a lot if she wants to especially fried rice and chicken rice, but I got to control her intake due to oil etc.