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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

He did it!

Baby Jay is very close to Big J lately. Maybe because Big J look after him more than I did! *wink*

Since I started my shop 3 months ago, I seldom have the time and energy to look after Baby Jay. Sometimes I feel sorry for him, but I know everything I do now is for the children' future. They would not know much now, but someday they will understand my sacrifice.

Every night Big J would bring the children back from baby sitter's and sometimes have dinner together with me, otherwise he will eat take-away at home. He will feed, change and bathe the children. So by the time I reach home after 10pm, most of the times the children have dozed off. If the children are awake, either Princess reading her books on the bed and Baby Jay disturbing and making messes in the room. So it would be my turn to put the children to sleep.

I just want to say I am proud of Big J. He has been able to handle the children and whether he likes it or not, he finally did it. He can take care of the children and I really appreciate what he does. *wink* It just to show how important is in a family, both husband and wife need to be responsible and able to take the responsibility to look after the children. And it just feel great when your husband suddenly say to you "Darling, now I know how hard it is to look not only one but two kids. I admire you. Now I know how it feels" Lol!


Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Hi Rose, thanks for dropping by at my blog. Can I add your blog add into my blogroll?

It is not easy to get our husband to do most of the bbsitting job as we do, and glad that you have found one.

Rose said...

Hi there. sure. I would add you too. Thanks