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Friday, September 17, 2010

Spec-wearing kids

Since my Princess is back from her hometown about a week ago, she started to have a habit of playing games in the mobile phone. In the past, she will use her aunt's notebook to play games however lately she is addicted to this "bubble games" in Big J's handphone. Luckily mine did not have such games, but I am not worry about that.

My concern is her addiction. And also the effect it has on her eyes. As you may be aware of, nowadays the kids wear glasses at very young age. As young as 2, I have encountered before. Don't know it is genetic or due to external influence, but I do pity little children that have to go through the stage of going to optometrist, getting the right eye glasses and may be ridiculed in school etc. I know how it feels because I myself started to wear glasses at age of 11. I hated it then, if possible, tried not to wear it in school.

So I am concern about my Princess's addiction to games in handphone or notebook and since both Big J and I wear glasses, I wonder whether it would be genetic and passed down to her and Baby Jay? Hmmmmmmm


smallkucing said...

hopefully not genetic. It's good that you protect her eyes. Maybe limit her time playing the buble game?

mNhL said...

I've also heard of those genetic things but not too sure how true it is.